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Luzern was founded 1999 with a vision to move skin care forward by developing a truly modern, pure, effective line of products and treatments using “Gold standard’’ organic extracts, hand harvested, antioxidant rich, indigenous from the Swiss alps making it a pure formulation – 80% pure plant base and 20% pharmaceutical.


All of Luzern facials are good and safe, for both men and women, also teens needing special attention with acne concerns.





Derma-Care à la carte system

*Luzern Deep Cleansing and Purifying Facial

Includes a moisture enhancing complex, hyaluronic acid that increases surface moisture,   Vitamin B penetrates to plump and firm the skin, while lipids and ceramides restore the vital moisture barrier.  


* Vitamin Enriched Mineral Mask 

infused with 12 Vitamins and minerals working together to slow the formation of visible signs of aging & improve the over all appearance of complexion.                                                                                    


* Post-progressive Mineral Mask

infused with a repairing complex that lifts and firms while helping to protect vital collagen from losing its spring.   


* Brightening Mineral Mask

infused with Swiss apple extracts,10% vitamin C, Niacinamide and Alpha Arbutin.                                                            

* Collagen Mask

with anti-aging activator.        

* Algae Mask

with Brightening activator.  

Eye Treatment

with Luzern’s Luminous serum and pure therapeutic oxygen.      

* Oxygen Blast

Products Used: Luzern

60 min./$95

15 min./ $10

15 min./ $15

15 min./ $10

20 min./ $30

20 min./ $30

10 min./ $15

15 min./ $30

Discover the pleasure and effectiveness of a professional beauty treatment, with a skin consultation and beauty therapist who is fully focused on you.

Jean-Daniel Mondin, son of a French pioneer in cosmetic surgery is the founder of Mary Cohr, using his pharmaceutical training to develop cosmetic products to promote skin healing and regeneration. These high- tech formulas were used by his father for cosmetic surgery. They are developed without parabens, GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms), or chemical filters to ensure that the products are in perfect affinity and optimally compatible with the skin.

MARY COHR skin care line-Developed in Paris over 30 years ago.

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This deep treatment includes the exclusive (sauna effect mask) intensely cleans and purifies the skin.

      * Ionization                                                                                      15 min./$20

Allows the deepest Penetration of active ingredients to treat the skin at a much deeper level                          to reveal the full radiance and glow.

* Eye Repair                                                                                    45 min./$65

Erases signs of fatigue adding radiance to the eye contour.  

* Oxygen Infusion                                                                           15 min./$25

Products Used: Mary Cohr


*LUZERN OXYGEN FACIAL     75 min./ $125-135     Series - 3 /$355

Deep cleansing, extractions, mineral enriched mask, customized with serums appropriate for all skin types and concerns. Pure medical- grade oxygen and a proprietary complex of bio dyne TRF, peptides, hyaluronic acid and bio-swiss plant extracts infused throughout the epidermis to achieve skin rejuvenation at a cellular level. Your skin is left looking fresh, flawless and absolutely glowing!

*for best results use a series of 3 once a month 

*ACNE FACIAL                         55 min./ $85

Skin analyse, double cleanse, exfoliate, steam, pore cleansing extractions and purifying mask.

*TEEN FACIAL                         50 min./ $65

Skin analyse, cleanse, exfoliate, steam and purifying mask. (16yrs or younger) 

* EXPRESS FACIAL                  40 min./ $75

 Includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage and customized mask.  Your skin will feel well balanced, deeply hydrated with a healthy glow.  

MOKSA EXCLUSIVE:  Derma care à la carte system

*High frequency   $10

*Oxygen Infusion  10 min. /$20


Deep cleansing, purifying, collagen mask with anti-aging activator finished with Luzern's hydrating serum and a blast of oxygen!

Products Used: Luzern


High Performance Face Care

*Intradermic Meso Therapy                  

The mesoderm (or 'middle-skin') is a layer of skin seldom innervated by typical spa treatments. It can be the source of an array of skin related issues, as the mesoderm is responsible for the regulation of collagen, elastin and the skins general health. This therapy creates microproliferations on the skin using medical grade serum, which stimulates the mesoderm, releasing rejuvenative proteins that make your skin look younger, brighter, and as clear as it's looked in years. Treatment options vary based on skin type and desired result. 

Needleless Innervation (w/ Electroporation Device)      60 min. / $159

Non Medical                                                        75 min. / $250     Series - 3/ $675

Medical (Includes Numbing)                                 90 min. / $325     Series - 3/$875

*MICRODERMABRASION- DERMA-POD TECHNOLOGY   40 min. / $95      Series - 3/$250  

Microdermabrasion is a widely used procedure, involving the exfoliation of the outer layers of the skin. This is accomplished by the projection of a natural mineral known as corundum crystals in fine layers over the skin. The procedure is gentle and respects the integrity of the skin. Microdermabrasion had been successful in improving the appearance of small scars, large pores, pigmented spots, fine lines, wrinkles and comedones.  Consultation is recommended at no extra cost.

MICRODERMABRASION, CALMING MASK AND LUZERN OXYGEN HYDRATION INFUSION                                                                                     75 min. / $150      Series of 3 - /$385   



Natural Beauty combined with Swiss Expertise; Bella Aura is the new anti-aging trend using

high performance natural and organic, multifunctional emulsions loaded with powerful vitamins, minerals, omegas, nacinamides and peptides.  (Made here in Canada)


*MENS FACIAL      50 min./$85.


Deep pore cleansing and purifying treatment with a customized Mask that will leave your skin feeling drenched in hydration with a healthy glow!



*Inoization - 10 min./$15

*Oxygen Blast - 10 min./$20

Products Used: Mary Cohr & Luzern

BELLA AURA DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL                    60 min./ $95

This amazing facial treatment consists of a cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if needed) followed by a secret ancient lifting facial massage, also includes an organic mineral mask, antioxidant serum and mineral enriched moisturizer.  

*Secret Ancient lifting massage                               20 min./$20 

*Therapeutic Oxygen with hydrating serum            15 min./$35

Products Used: Bella Aura